Note: New orders are no longer being accepted for Howe & Ser shirts. Orders we received have now been shipped.

The Howe & Ser Moving Co. would like to thank all the amazing people at National Sportswear for their tireless efforts and outstanding work on this large and complex order.

This is a low-resolution image of the design that the front of the shirts sport:

Orders were taken for shirts with the image printed in black ink or white ink, with long or short sleeves, in sizes from S-XXL, and on any of the following fabric colors (note that some of the fabric colors were available only in short sleeve shirts):

All shirts cost $10. Orders shipped on May 25, 2006. If you provided a shipping address that is an MIT dormitory or other on-campus address, you avoided your order going through the US Postal Service, and it was delivered directly to your dormitory's desk, or via Interdepartmental Mail, as appropriate. Other orders were shipped as First Class or Priority mail via the USPS. Questions about shirts can be directed to

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